7125 Garfield Avenue Suite B
Bell Gardens, CA 90201
Monday - Friday 8AM - 7PM
Saturday 8AM - 3PM, Sunday Closed

Pacific Driving School Driving Lessons

Behind the Wheel


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2 hours Behind The Wheel


6 hours Behind The Wheel


10 hours Behind The Wheel


1 hour Behind The Wheel + DMV Drive Test


1 hr brush up lesson before your DMV appointment to polish your driving and get you ready to pass your driving test, 2nd hour we take you to DMV to do your driving test and obtain your license. Bell Gardens DMV, Bell Flower DMV, & Whittier DMV. | Any other DMV - please call office directly. | After the 1st hour at the DMV there will be a surcharge of $50

5 hours Behind The Wheel + DMV Drive Test


7 hours Behind The Wheel + DMV Drive Test


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